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We're programmers first, and web developers second. We have a deep understanding of how code and programmatic systems work.

That means we're not tied to an existing solution. And we're really, really good at figuring stuff out.

When it comes to website development, we have three basic rules:

  1. the simplest solution is usually the best,
  2. if a good reusable solution exists, reuse it,
  3. and, if it ain't broke, don't fix it

The Simplest Solution Is Usually the Best

Simple solutions are cheaper to create, easier to fix, and best of all, disposable if they don't work out.

If a Good Reusable Solution Exists, Reuse It (or, Don't Reinvent the Wheel, Unless You Really Have To)

This seems obvious enough, but, how can you tell if an existing solution is good? To a developer, the web can seem like a Garden of Eden: the low hanging fruit of open source abounds, free and ripe for the picking. The hard part is distinguishing between solutions that actually work and solutions that are just well marketed.

That's where our experience and hardcore programming skills come in: they're like x-ray vision. We aren't fooled by pretty colors and buzz words. If there's a good, lasting, solution to a problem, we'll find it. And if there's not? We've got the skills to make it. From scratch.

If It Ain’t Broke…

When tasked to work on an existing site, a developer is often tempted to tear the whole thing out and replace it with something new and shiny. But even if something is technologically better, that doesn't mean it is practically better. We believe that if a client is happy with their current solution, we can be happy with it too.

Technologies We Love

We're low-level guys: we spend all our time getting our hands dirty with actual, honest-to-goodness code. Here are some tools we always keep in our tool chest: